You wake from a deep sleep to the sounds of exotic birds chirping and the rush of ocean waves. The environment around you is unfamiliar; strange portraits line the walls, and the furniture is unrecognizable, neither modern nor antique. The smell of sandalwood and incense wafts through your nostrils as you sit up in a massive king-size bed you don’t remember. You peer out the window and see a beach stretching out in either direction, without another human individual in sight, yet you can still hear the faint sounds of disembodied voices coursing through the halls outside your door. You carefully walk up to the door leading out of the bedroom and open it slowly into a dark corridor, where the bird calls and ocean waves increase to a deafening roar. Welcome to Toucan Manor; prepare for Strange Times.

Strange Times at Toucan Manor is the new four-song EP from Lunar Cambridge. Produced under quarantine during the tail-end of 2020, it incorporates elements of chillwave, jazz, and ambient electronic music into a phantasmagoria of transportive sounds. 

Also included with the EP through Webelotrax Records are three acoustic cover songs performed by legendary gemstone importer/exporter and bridge business billionaire Texaco Flaco. Texaco returned from a spiritual retreat in New Mexico last week with a burning desire to record a few of his favorite songs on his acoustic guitar and bass. All instruments performed by Flaco, with Lunar Cambridge producing.                                                                                                      

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All sounds © Lunar Cambridge (Thomas Jacob Jr.)              

Released January 10, 2021