Webelotrax is proud to present a brand new collaborative EP by Laura Peñate and Rei Low

Year 2248. You find yourself cruising down a freeway surrounded by a sharp and desolate landscape. Boarders and boundaries have dissolved as humanity finds itself part of a global cyber-system. As you awake in the backseat, attempting to shake off the holodrugs that were supposed to knock you out for the whole trip - sounds begin to swirl into focus....

Your android rideshare operator - a sortof Artificial Intelligence meant to provide humans with a bit of comfort on long journeys - has the radio blasting full-tilt. From the strained speakers of the hovercab, dense and delicious drums dance and thump - combined with robust synths both brooding and flourishing - powering the frantic yet steady pace of the cyborg driver. You hear the driver begin to sing along in its synthetic voice, layering onto the already hypnotic vocals instilling a surreal feeling as you rest on your back across the seats. The atmosphere...the sound waves...the partially worn of downers from the night before - flowing together like an orange neon haze as you glide through the purple night....

For the brief time you are lucid - you await the autoannouncers identification of the sounds you've been hearing. You can feel the drugs taking hold once again - having granted you only temporary release from your stasis before falling back into coerced paralysis. You struggle to speak up - surely the singing cyborg would know! As words escape your mouth, they stumble and blur together in a noisy haze, disappearing into the crisp air of the night as the cab's rear window rolls down automatically. You feel the stinging drizzle of acid rain on your forehead as the hovercar zips along towards its destination, passing under the stale fluorescent streetlights in perfect sync with the beautiful rhythms....

All Sounds by Laura Peñate and Rei Low 

Cover Design, Graphics and Short Story by Chris Hoffmann Design

Art Direction by Laura Peñate and Rei Low

Released January 23, 2021